Cape Hatteras Construction To Weatherproof Your Home

Cape Hatteras Construction


Outer Banks Master Builders offers Cape Hatteras construction experts that work to build beautiful beach homes that are well protected from the weather. Using high quality windows, doors, window wraps, and head flashing can prevent water intrusion and damage to your home. We offer new home and commercial construction as well as home renovations in Cape Hatteras to ensure that you get the protection that you expect and deserve.

Effective weatherproofing for your home:

Flashing can be used in many ways to prevent water from sneaking into a structure from an angle or building joint. It can be used to protect vulnerable areas around windows, doors, and roofs. During the Cape Hatteras construction process, the use of flashing will ensure that your home is better protected from the occasional severe storms we have on the Outer Banks.

There are several window and door head flashing advantages.

  • Head flashing is more reliable than using caulk alone, eliminating any leaking around windows and doors.
  • The flashing provides a barrier to both moisture and air infiltration that would otherwise enter through even the smallest of cracks.
  • Flashing is an excellent sealant around fasteners and penetrations.
  • Highly durable against the wind and rain for longer lasting protection.

    Outer Banks contractors build to protect your home from the weather.


    If you are interested in a Cape Hatteras construction or a home renovation, Outer Banks Master Builders has the experience needed to build in our unique geographic area. Our team of experts has been building affordable, high quality homes for many years, with 100’s of beach homes across the area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help weatherproof your home.

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